Learning about Patterns of Learning within the Mobilising Knowledge for Development Programme Phase 2 (MK4D2)

Published on 1 February 2013

This paper captures some of our ideas about the patterns of learning established within the DFID-funded programme Mobilising Knowledge for Development (Phase 2, MK4D2) and some of the processes we have in place for capturing learning. MK4D2 is a relatively large programme of work designed to strengthen the knowledge intermediary sector.

Large programmes need to learn, it is helpful to capture big and small lessons. We have found two tools that seem to be helping us and this paper outlines the tools in its second half. This paper also points to some of our early lessons – both good and bad – with the aim of contributing to the strengthening of the sector.

Publication details

Batchelor, S. J., Gregson, J., Beynon, P., Fisher, C.
IDS Practice Paper In Brief, issue 10


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