Learning Insights: AURA Project Coordinator and Participant Blogs

Published on 27 September 2016

The AURA programme was managed locally by project coordinators whose remit was to act as a bridge between the ALIRT teams in partner institution, the AURA project consortium and other partner institutions. As the Project Coordinators provided a critical and central role to governing and implementing the AURA programme, they were tasked with capturing their learning insights at regular intervals in a reflective blog format.

These reflective blogs have become a rich source of data for capturing learning as it arises in the programme, and also evidences our assumptions about what is working and how best to tackle challenges and find solutions. Moreover, capturing learning in this way has had several affordances for the programme:

  • by strengthening the reflective writing skills of project coordinators and learners, reinforcing the significance of regular reflections;
  • capturing learning directly from programme recipients; enabling us to better comprehend their context concerns and challenges; 
  • and ensuring that learning has not been lost. 

An aggregate of these blogs has been provided in this publication to support the sharing of learning insights. The original blog posts are available on the AURA blog site.

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