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Making the ‘Evolutionary Leap’: Using Open Knowledge Approaches to Improve Development Outcomes

Published on 24 June 2016

The starting point of the Open Knowledge Hub project was our belief that the adoption of so-called ‘Open Knowledge’ approaches had the potential to improve the impact of research evidence on development outcomes and address inequalities in the visibility, accessibility and uptake of diverse knowledge about development.

This paper describes what we learned about the drivers and motivations for knowledge organisations to engage with Open Knowledge approaches. It also addresses the issues and barriers to engagement that, we have argued, threaten to undermine these potential benefits. The paper looks at both direct learning from the project and external research evidence accumulated during our work.

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Stanley, A.; Shephard, K.; Bimbe, N.; Brambilla, P.; Rowsell, H.; Mason, P. and Bailey, H. (2016) Making the ‘Evolutionary Leap’: Using Open Knowledge Approaches to Improve Development Outcomes, IDS Practice Paper In Brief 25, Brighton: IDS

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Alan Stanley

Digital Knowledge Manager

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Kelly Shephard

Head of Knowledge, Impact and Policy

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Peter Mason

Digital Knowledge Officer

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Institute of Development Studies
Stanley, A., Shephard, K., Bimbe, N., Brambilla, P., Rowsell, H., Mason, P. and Bailey, H.


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