IDS Evidence Report 76

Mapping Value Chains for Nutrient-Dense Foods in Tanzania

Published on 1 June 2014

This report details the findings of an analysis of value chains for several nutrient-dense foods in Tanzania.

It rapidly assesses the potential of ten commodities to contribute to reducing undernutrition and identifies three with particularly high potential. It then systematically examines issues at the various stages of these value chains, in order to identify barriers that inhibit the extent to which the product is likely to mitigate micronutrient undernutrition.

The report recommends options for development agencies, governments, public–private partnerships and other development actors seeking to strengthen the linkage between agricultural activities and nutrition outcomes. It is accompanied by two other reports on Tanzania: a case study of a particular food processing business and an analysis of policy options.

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Temu, A.; Waized, B.; Ndyetabula, D.; Robinson, E.; Humphrey, J. and Henson, S. (2014) Mapping Value Chains for Nutrient-Dense Foods in Tanzania, IDS Evidence Report 76, Brighton: IDS

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Temu, A., Waized, B., Ndyetabula, D., Robinson, E., Humphrey, J. and Henson, S.
IDS Evidence Report, issue 76


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