Masculinities and Transition in Turkey: Country Brief

Published on 10 September 2019

Despite a progressive legal framework and social and human resources policies aimed at benefiting women in Turkey, their labour force participation has remained low. Female entrepreneurship has become seen as a solution to increasing women’s role in the economy, whilst the role of men has typically not been factored into this.

An emerging body of research is revealing men’s changing expectations and experiences of shifting gender relations. While less authoritarian ideals of masculinity have evolved among certain groups of Turkish men in recent decades, many remain conflicted and unable to let go of the comforts and benefits of deeply embedded male privileges. This brief is based on a larger study (that also includes Egypt, Kazakhstan and Ukraine), which explores how transition in different countries has been experienced by different groups of men, and its impacts on gender relations. It aims to assist the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and other stakeholders to consider ways of engaging men as agents of positive change for gender equality – alongside women and girls – as well as to complement women-focused projects and investments to enhance both the resilience of transitions and equality of opportunity.

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Edström, J. with Çağlar, M. and Greig, A. (2019) Masculinities and Transition in Turkey: Country Brief, Brighton: IDS

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