Men and Development: Politicizing Masculinities

Published on 2 October 2011

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Men and Development: Politicizing Masculinities features an exciting collection of contributions from some of today’s leading thinkers and practitioners in the field of men, masculinities and development.

Together, contributors challenge the neglect of the structural dimensions of patriarchal power relations in current development policy and practice, and the failure to adequately engage with the effects of inequitable sex and gender orders on both men’s and women’s lives.

The book calls for renewed engagement in efforts to challenge and change stereotypes of men, to dismantle the structural barriers to gender equality, and to mobilize men to build new alliances with women’s movements and other movements for social and gender justice.


Honorary Associate

Jerker Edström

Research Fellow

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published by
Zed Books
Cornwall, A., Edström, J. and Greig, A.
978 1 84813 978 7


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