Milk Markets in Agropastoralist Areas of Africa – A Photoset

Published on 3 May 2023

The photos displayed in this document were taken in Kenya and Ghana as part of the research project Connecting Agropastoral Food Culture Research to Livestock Commercialisation Policy. They accompany the project Policy Briefing.

The project explored the interactions between the cultural roles of milk and honey, and their existing and potential roles in markets. It instigated dialogue between research and policy domains: research on the cultural and heritage roles of these foodstuffs, and policy intentions for dairy and apiculture value chains. In Kenya, a participatory photography exercise engaged members of the Arror and Ilchamus communities, who presented photographs to county government policy actors in a policy dialogue Baraza event. In Ghana, the photographs were taken by the lead researcher during an ethnographic enquiry and presented to national-level policy actors.

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Bellwood-Howard, I. et al. (2023) Milk Markets in Agropastoralist Areas of Africa – A Photoset, Brighton: Institute of Development Studies, DOI: 10.19088/IDS.2023.016


Imogen Bellwood-Howard

Research Fellow

Kaderi Bukari

University of Cape Coast

Bronson Eran’ogwa

The Source Plus

Lecturer and Research Fellow, Kenyatta University

Lecturer, Kenyatta University

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