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Modelling the Effects of Trade on Women: A Closer Look at Bangladesh

Published on 1 January 2001

This paper builds on previous work on Bangladesh that set out the principles of a gendered computable general equilibrium (CGE) approach by accounting for household work and leisure in addition to standard market sectors.

The accounting framework of the CGE model in this paper is extended to include a greater number of market activities, eight labour categories differentiated by both gender and level of education, and nine household types, each with its own social reproduction and leisure sectors.

This level of detail permits a better understanding of how policy changes have a differentiated impact on female workers, depending on their educational level, on whether or not they live in urban areas or in rural areas, and are or not head of their household. The experiments conducted with the model describe the effects of a decline in garment exports, a rise in the world price of grains and an increase in natural gas exports.


Marzia Fontana

Research Associate

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Fontana, M.
IDS Working Paper, issue 139
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