Evidence Report 6

Monitoring and Evaluation Report: Year One

Published on 1 June 2013

The IDS Accountable Grant is a large and complex four-year grant working across seven Policy Themes, 20 sub-themes, 68 activity domains and over 300 Level 2 Outputs. 

The scale and diversity of activity under the grant, the dynamic and unpredictable policy environment in which it operates, the number of people and partners involved, together with the imperative to deliver within tight deadlines, highlights the need for a simple yet robust system for tracking planned and completed outputs.

This paper reports on the Monitoring and Evaluation of Year 1 of the Accountable Grant, including progress to date, the development of CRM and future developments. 

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Munslow, T., Befani, B. and Sumberg, J. (2013) 'Monitoring and Evaluation Report: Year One', IDS Evidence Report 6, Brighton: IDS


James Sumberg

Emeritus Fellow

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Munslow, T., Befani, B. and Sumberg, J.
IDS Evidence Report, issue 6


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