IDS Bulletin Vol. 32 Nos. 4

New Directions in Natural Resource Management

Published on 1 October 2001

Summaries The article offers theoretical insights from Actor?Network Theory (ANT) as to how natural resource management (NRM) perspectives might be enhanced. ANT asks us to abolish the conventional sociological practice of studying phenomena in terms of predefined categories and principles, as they hinder our analysis of how the stakeholders involved construct resource management processes and the way these constructions are used. In this analytical process, any (uncertain) outcome of NRM is regarded as an effect of the interplay amongst the different stakes in the resource and the way stakeholders continuously mobilise social and material resources in order to achieve their goals. Only by analysing how certain outcomes have been achieved can we develop our understanding of the dynamics and uncertainties involved in NRM. The article uses empirical examples from coastal management scenarios to illustrate these theoretical points.

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Steins, N., A. (2001) New Directions in Natural Resource Management . IDS Bulletin 32(4): 18-25

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Institute of Development Studies
Steins, Nathalie A.


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