Opiate Use and Pregnancy in Hanoi: Findings of an Assessment

Published on 1 February 2010

In order to facilitate the provision of medically accurate information to pregnant opiate users in Hanoi, a small-scale, rapid assessment was conducted.

The aims of the assessment were:  

  • to develop an understanding key messages on pregnancy and opiate use, as reported in international literature;
  • to explore Vietnamese female opiate users’ experiences of pregnancy;
  • to identify current barriers to communicating key information to female drug users in Hanoi; 
  • to devise an appropriate intervention to enhance female drug users’ access to relevant knowledge and information concerning opiate use and pregnancy.


Image of Pauline Oosterhoff

Pauline Oosterhoff

Research Fellow

Publication details

White, J., Oosterhoff, P. and Anh Thu Vuong


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