Pathways to Stronger Futures in Haiti: The role of graduation programming in promoting early childhood development

Published on 30 March 2019

It is widely understood that poverty undermines early childhood development (ECD). In turn, poor ECD reinforces the intergenerational transmission of poverty.

Economic strengthening through comprehensive social protection may offer a ‘double boon’: it can improve child wellbeing in the shortterm and reduce poverty in the long-run. This report presents findings from a mixed-methods study that investigated how so-called graduation programmes can affect outcomes for young children, particularly seeking insights into pathways, dynamics and contextual factors that underpin positive or negative linkages. It does so in a context of widespread poverty, low levels of child wellbeing and limited availability of services in rural Haiti.


Image of Keetie Roelen
Keetie Roelen

Research Fellow / Co-Director, Centre for Social Protection

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Inka Barnett

Research Fellow

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SungKyu Kim

Research Officer

Devanshi Chanchani

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