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IDS Bulletin 49.3

Perspectives on the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation

Published on 30 July 2018

The establishment of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation (GPEDC) created the unique opportunity to bring together and explore synergies between South–South cooperation (SSC) and traditional aid, or North–South cooperation.

However, the GPEDC lacks support from both sides due to a lack of trust and misconceptions among partner countries. This article discusses the challenges of operationalising the GPEDC as a truly global and inclusive partnership. This is done by analysing differences between North–South and South–South cooperation and the challenges of bringing them closer. Furthermore, the particular reasons of individual SSC providers, the rising powers in particular, for withholding support for the GPEDC are identified and looked at in the context of fundamental differences between SSC and OECD-DAC aid.

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Xiaoyun L., Jing G., Leistner, S. and Cabral, L. (2018) 'Perspectives on the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation' in Gu, J. and Kitano, N, (eds) 'Emerging Economies and the Changing Dynamics of Development Cooperation', IDS Bulletin 49.3, Brighton: IDS

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Jing Gu

Research Fellow, Centre Director

Lidia Cabral

Research Fellow

Xiaoyun Li
Samuel Leistner

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Institute of Development Studies