Political and Social Inequality: A Review

Published on 1 January 2004

Some two years ago the Department for International Development (DfID) commissioned a bibliography on inequality. It was subsequently noted that this had concentrated on ‘economic’ inequality and it was thought it might be helpful if this were balanced by a complementary review looking at ‘social’ and ‘political’ inequality. Like the initial bibliography the principal target readership is DfID staff, particularly, in the present case, social development advisers with an academic background in the social sciences.

This exercise differs, however, from its predecessor by publishing it through the IDS Development Bibliography series so that it can reach a wider audience. By putting the material into the public domain it is hoped to stimulate a wider interest and debate beyond DfID, among practitioners as well as in the academy, concerning the conceptual understandings of inequality and the implications of these for development policy and practice.

This volume contains two sections. The first section, written by Rosalind Eyben, is a review essay with its own references. The second section, written by Jarrod Lovett, consists of abstracts of selected texts from the relevant development studies and social science literature. The subject is both complex and contested and thus the texts were deliberately chosen to represent a range of voices and perspectives, ranging from classic social theorists to unpublished papers by development practitioners.


Rosalind Eyben

Emeritus Fellow

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published by
Eyben, R. and Lovett, J.
IDS Development Bibliography, issue 20
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