IDS Bulletin Vol. 40 Nos. 2

Political Dimensions of Security Transformation in Latin America

Published on 1 March 2009

This article suggests that the lack of advancement in both the actual protection of citizens’ rights and institutional democratic reforms of the security sector in Latin America is due to a complex and intertwined set of political conditions. Three sets of conditions are key: (1) the political context (institutional and political constraints and opportunities); (2) social perceptions and demands on security; and (3) the institutional development of security forces. While policymakers and academics have focused mostly on security institutions themselves, this article argues that they need to be situated within a broader set of incentives and constraints within the political system. The challenge for civil society groups is how to advance a pro?civil rights agenda under such an unwelcoming set of incentives.

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Fuentes, C. (2009) Political Dimensions of Security Transformation in Latin America. IDS Bulletin 40(2): 79-87