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Chapter 1

Post-crisis prospects for China-Africa relations

Published on 1 December 2011

The development landscape in Africa is changing, with new partners from the global South taking on a more important role as providers of much needed fifinance and know-how for Africa’s development. China has been the most prominent emerging partner, and Chinese enterprises have increased their trade and investment relations with African counterparts by a factor of more than ten over the past decade. The growing trade and investment relations are often supported by grants or concessional loans from China’s government, as part of the country’s “Going Global” strategy.This strongly enhanced engagement is partly the outcome of the increased economic role and power of China on the global stage, and partly the result of China’s interest in African’s rich natural resource base to fuel its surging economy.


Jing Gu

Research Fellow, Centre Director

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Gu, J. and Schiere, R.


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