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IDS Bulletin 37.1

Post-Multifibre Arrangement Analysis of the Textile and Garment Sectors in Kenya

Published on 1 January 2006

The textile and clothing industry represents a vital source of income for developing countries. World trade in textiles and clothing constitutes almost US $400bn – nearly 10 per cent of all trade in manufactured goods.

A major proportion of these exports comes from developing countries, including more than 70 per cent of all apparel exports, making the sector a vital source of employment, income and
foreign exchange revenues.

Globally, tens of millions of people work in textiles and clothing, more than two-thirds of whom are located in Asia (Oxfam 2004, Appelbaum 2004). It is estimated that nearly three-quarters of all workers in the garment industry are women.

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IDS Bulletin 37.1

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McCormick, D., Kamau, P. and Ligulu, P. (2006) Post?Multifibre Arrangement Analysis of the Textile and Garment Sectors in Kenya. IDS Bulletin 37(1): 80-88

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Dorothy McCormick

Paul Kamau

Peter Ligulu

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IDS Bulletin, volume 37, issue 1


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