Poverty and Sexuality: What are the connections?

Published on 1 September 2010

Overview and Literature Review, September 2010

Few studies and reports examine the relationship between poverty and the denial of sexual rights. However, an emerging literature by researchers, activists and organisations shows that in many cases, poor people are more vulnerable to abuses of sexual rights, and that such abuses can entrench poverty. Much of this literature is by Southern authors, and much consists of grey literature, organisational reports, and occasional considerations of the connections in pieces of writing for which poverty sexuality interconnections are not the main focus. Nowhere is the evidence drawn together in systematic fashion. This paper brings this evidence together.

This overview and literature review illustrates the necessity for economic policies and poverty reduction efforts to take account of sexuality. If they don’t, they risk exacerbating exclusions and inequalities, and becoming less effective. It is hoped that this paper will support the work of donors, policy makers and activists in the areas of economic policy and poverty reduction, as well as in struggles for sexual and economic justice more broadly.

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