PRAXIS PRA Training Workshop

Published on 1 January 2006

Each year the Institute of Participatory Practices (PRAXIS), in New Delhi, India, runs an international thematic Participatory Rural Aappraisal (PRA) training workshop. During the 9th International PRA thematic workshop held in Hydrabad, a Participatory Video (PV) introductory module was run alongside the official training modules. Participants quickly incorporated these techniques into their training modules to capture the training on video from their own perspective. The outcome is this DVD, produced by Insight and the Participation, Power and Social Change Team at the Institute of Development Studies. It contains four short visual stories showing different aspects of the training workshop from the perspective of the workshop participants and the villagers where fieldwork was undertaken as part the training. There is a short film and slideshow of the training, an excerpt from the field work in the village of Serjaraopep and a drama on alcohol abuse in the village of Padamatithanda. This DVD will be useful to facilitators of Participatory Video as well as people interested in knowing more about it.

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