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IDS Bulletin Vol. 41 Nos. 1

Proceedings of the DFID-DSA-EADI-ActionAid Policy Forum

Published on 1 November 2010

The main conclusions from the plenary sessions of the Policy Forum can be summarised as follows:

  • focus must still remain on achieving the MDGs;
  • developing country ownership of the new framework is essential and the approach must therefore be Southern-led;
  • the obligations of the developed countries towards the achievement of the MDGs need clarification;
  • international income and wealth redistribution should be a ‘right’ (‘automatic’ rather than discretionary), including international redistributive taxes and international inequality and its reduction should be given more emphasis;
  • ethical and moral perspectives need emphasising within a global social justice, rather than a purely Indicator-driven, approach;
  • ‘fragile’ states and global uncertainty need special treatment;
  • the ‘quality’ of MDG achievements, rather than ‘quantity’, needs emphasising;
  • the science and technology capacity of developing countries is critically important;
  • processes which deliver the quantitative Indicators (MDGs) require more emphasis.

Serious research is needed to ensure the debate is well informed.

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This article comes from the IDS Bulletin 41.1 (2010) Proceedings of the DFID‐DSA‐EADI‐ActionAid Policy Forum

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Michael Tribe
Aurélien Lafon

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