Putting Children First: New Frontiers in the Fight Against Child Poverty in Africa

Published on 17 October 2019

Despite important strides in the fight against poverty in the past two decades, child poverty remains widespread and persistent, particularly in Africa. Poverty in all its dimensions is detrimental for early childhood development and leads to often unreversed damage for the lives of girls and boys, locking children and families into intergenerational poverty.

This edited volume contributes to the policy initiatives aiming to reduce child poverty and academic understanding of child poverty and its solutions by bringing together applied research from across the continent. With the Sustainable Development Goals having opened up an important space for the fight against child poverty, not least by broadening its conceptualization to be multidimensional, this collection aims to push the frontiers by challenging existing narratives around child poverty, exploring alternative understandings of the complexities and dynamics underpinning child poverty and, crucially, examining policy options that work to reduce child poverty.

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Roelen, K., Morgan, R. and Tafere, Y. (Eds) Putting Children First: New Frontiers in the Fight Against Child Poverty in Africa, ibidem Press

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Keetie Roelen

Research Fellow / Co-Director, Centre for Social Protection

Richard Morgan
Yisak Tafere

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ibidem Press
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