Putting the Law in its Place: Analyses of recent developments in law relating to same-sex desire in India and Uganda

Published on 24 July 2014

This collection of essays has been jointly produced by Sexuality Policy Watch and the IDS Sexuality and Development Programme.

The collection of analyses presented here juxtaposes the Indian and the Ugandan contexts with the intention of opening up new questions for struggles in both these places, but also with the objective of generating a deeper conversation amongst activists and academics about the peculiarities of Law and Politics as distinct (if connected) realms of action.

One feature of these various essays is to bring about the circulation of more nuanced analyses of the particular political-economic and cultural conditions for these dramatic developments in law , which take place at the intricate intersections between global economics, national politics and the so called ‘return of the religious’ (Derrida, 1998) in dogmatic manifestations. Another aspect examined by some of the authors regards the limitations and caveats of dominant juridical, economic and scientific rationales that currently pervade political struggles and advocacy in relation to human rights.

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Corrêa, S. et al.


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