Re-Shaping Policy and Institutions for Integrating Climate and Disaster Resilience

Published on 1 January 2012

It is clear that positive policy action is needed to build the resilience of citizens and the state to changing climate and disaster shocks and stresses. What is not so clear is why there is a lag in re-shaping policy to reflect the changing climate and disaster context.

Investing in integrated and flexible institutional and policy frameworks is a first step towards creating a policy environment that can build resilience to climate and disaster risks. Two years of action, dialogue and research with partners seeking to strengthen climate and disaster resilience across Asia and Africa provides a strong knowledge base to inform this process.

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Seballos, F. and Harris, K. (2012) Re-shaping policy and institutions for integrating climate and disaster resilience, Policy Brief, Brighton: IDS


Fran Seballos

Global Partnerships and Alumni Officer

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Seballos, F. and Harris, K.


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