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Research and Policy Implications from a Micro-Level Perspective on the Dynamics of Conflict, Violence and Development

Published on 1 January 2013

This Households in Conflict (HiCN) working paper reviews the literature concerning the micro-elements of citizen agency in situations of armed conflict. It also discusses the nature of vulnerability in conflict and the manner in which vulnerability to poverty and vulnerability to violence interact dynamically with one another.

While not much evidence is presented in this largely theoretical piece — which nonetheless reviews some empirical research — it is only the introductory paper in what promises to be a fascinating series on development and conflict. For instance, Justino notes that papers will tackle, among other topics, the ways in which livelihoods persist during conflict and what may be learnt from mid-conflict economies to feed into post-conflict economic development strategies.


Patricia Justino

Professorial Fellow

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Justino, P.
HiCN Working Paper, volume 139


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