2009 5 (00)

Screening for Climate Change Adaptation: Managing the Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Water Sector in China

Published on 1 January 2009

The issue on screening for climate change adaptation is addressed. A screening approach is developed for assessing climate change impacts on water sector and integrating adaptation for water resource projects, and three phases for screening climate change adaptation are introduced that include the semi-quantitative & quantitative analysis, and the evaluation of different adaptation options on the water resources affected by climate change in China.

According to different climatic regions facing different problems on water resource, four representative regions in China are chosen in the project; after setting up different objectives, this paper demonstrates the comprehensive research on climate change adaptation, and proposes new ideas, framework and methodologies on screening for climate change impacts and adaptation. This research provides the effective framework and methodology for the planning and risk management of the impacts of future climate change on water resource.

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Xia, J., Tanner. T., Liu, X., Ren, G., Yan, M. and Holman, I.
Advances in Climate Change Research, volume 2009 5 (00)


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