K4D Helpdesk Report

Situation of persons with disabilities in Lebanon

Published on 15 July 2018

This Helpdesk report provides a situational analysis of people with disabilities in Lebanon. The report is organised as follows; section 2 summarises the state of knowledge and highlights key gaps; section 3 presents data on the prevalence of impairments and disabilities in Lebanon, and on the state of rights, resources, and services for persons with disabilities; section 4 offers assessments of the applicable international and national laws on the rights of persons with disabilities; section 5 analyses the political, social, cultural, and economic context for persons with disabilities in the country.

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Combaz, E. (2018). Situation of persons with disabilities in Lebanon. K4D Helpdesk Report. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies.

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Institute of Development Studies
Combaz, Emilie


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