Social Protection for Rural-Urban Migrants in Vietnam: Current situation, Challenges and Opportunities

Published on 1 January 2011

This report discusses how the lack of adequate policies and institutional programmes of social protection for migrants in general, and the residence-based nature of the current social policy framework in particular, create multiple vulnerabilities and social exclusion among rural-urban migrants in Vietnam.

The report also introduces some recent limited responses by the State which are intended to address the situation. It proposes that the State should firstly recognise the legal status of migrants in destination areas and secondly increase migrants’ access to key social and economic resources. In most instances, a strategy based on this proposition would call for a significant departure from current approaches, practices and institutional arrangements underlying the government’s social protection policies.

Report summary: CSP Research Report Summary 08

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Duong, L.B., Linh, T.G. and Thao, N.T.P.
CSP Research Report, issue 8


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Centre for Social Protection

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