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Structural Conflict in the New Global Disorder

Published on 2 May 2001

The exclusion of a large section of the global population from the benefits of globalisation has been recognised as one of the major challenges of the new century. This failure to deliver a more equitable distribution of the benefits of globalisation is likely to have dire consequences for the stability of world order.

This special Alumni edition of the IDS Bulletin explores the relationship between globalisation, security and development. It addresses growing concerns about the way in which poverty undermines human security and contributes to conflict in the developing world and the emerging markets of the former Communist world. It then makes steps towards unravelling the relationship in order to clarify policy options for international and local actors and to redefine relevant conflict prevention and resolution strategies, and strategies for post-conflict reconstruction.

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Willett, S.
Susan Willett
IDS Bulletin, volume 32, issue 2
0265 5012