IDS Bulletin Vol. 29 Nos. 3

Survival and Growth in Kazakstan:

Published on 1 July 1998

Summaries This article assesses the recent developments in the enterprise sector in Kazakstan by analysing two enterprises there: one enterprise set up during the Soviet era and recently privatised, and a new enterprise created in the transition era. The restructuring and development efforts of these enterprises are examined both within the context of their external environments and within the framework of their internal structures determining their ability to respond to the market. The findings show that although all enterprises in Kazakstan face immense difficulties in the external environments, the difficulties faced by privatised and new enterprises are fundamentally different and as such require different policies. The findings have important implications for future policy and research.

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Azad, T. and Boysan, K. (1998) Survival and Growth in Kazakstan: . IDS Bulletin 29(3): 26-32

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