Systems of Innovation and Development

Published on 1 January 2003

This significant book demonstrates how the ‘systems of innovation’ approach can be utilised to understand the complex interactions between innovation and growth which, in turn, can enhance the prospects of developing nations.

Systems of Innovation and Development confronts the challenges and opportunities of the knowledge era, focusing particularly on the new conditions for industrial and technological advancement. The distinguished contributors address many of the most significant issues including the globalising learning economy, the finance-dominated accumulation regime, learning and development divides, systems of innovation and local productive arrangements.

They also define the conceptual and methodological instruments which can be used to analyse and understand the core issues of learning, knowledge and innovation. In doing so, they demonstrate the value of the systems of innovation approach in the design and implementation of strategic development policies which are urgently required in many countries.

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Cassiolato, J., Lastres, H. and Maciel, M.
J.Cassiolato, H.Lastres and M. Maciel


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