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The Addis Agreement: Using CLTS in Peri-urban and Urban Areas

Published on 1 August 2016

The CLTS Knowledge Hub at the Institute of Development Studies, with the help of Plan International Ethiopia, convened a three day workshop in Addis Ababa. The workshop titled ‘Using a CLTS approach in peri-urban and urban environments’ brought together people who had been involved in urban CLTS programmes to share their varied experiences and discuss what added value a CLTS approach can bring to the urban context.

The outputs include a 4 page learning brief and a longer learning paper. The paper is not a straight forward record of events but focuses on what were agreed as important stages of an urban CLTS process. Each stage is explained, examples provided and advice given. The intention is not a guidebook but a set of ideas and considerations for those interested in embarking on a similar approach.

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Myers, J., Pasteur, K. and Cavill, S. (2016) The Addis Agreement: Using CLTS in peri-urban and urban areas, CLTS Knowledge Hub Learning Paper, Brighton: IDS.


Jamie Myers

Research and Learning Manager

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Myers, J., Pasteur, K. and Cavill, S.
CLTS Knowledge Hub Learning Paper


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