The Hunger And Nutrition Commitment Index (HANCI 2012): Measuring Political Commitment to Reduce Hunger and Undernutrition

Published on 16 September 2013

Measuring the Political Commitment to Reduce Hunger and Undernutrition in Developing Countries. Supported by Irish Aid, DFID Accountable Grant and Transform Nutrition.

The Hunger And Nutrition Commitment Index (HANCI) was launched in April 2013 to:

  1. Rank governments on their political commitment to tackling hunger and undernutrition;
  2. Measure what governments achieve and where they fail in addressing hunger and undernutrition – providing greater transparency and public accountability;
  3. Praise governments where due, and highlight areas for improvement;
  4. Support civil society to reinforce and stimulate additional commitment towards accelerating the reduction of hunger and undernutrition;
  5. Assess whether improving commitment levels lead to a reduction in hunger and undernutrition.


Image of Dolf J.H. te Lintelo

Dolf J.H. te Lintelo

Research Fellow and Cities Cluster Leader

Image of Lawrence Haddad

Lawrence Haddad

Honorary Associate

Image of Karine Gatellier

Karine Gatellier

Nutrition Convenor

Image of Rajith Lakshman

Rajith Lakshman

Research Fellow

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te Lintelo, D., Haddad, L., Lakshman, R. and Gatellier, K.
IDS Evidence Report, issue 25


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