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The Impact of Rising Food Prices on Child Nutrition in Zambia

Published on 10 September 2014

This article uses micro-econometrics to assess the impact of a price increase in various food commodities
on the height-for-age z-scores of under-five children in Zambia. Using data from the Living Conditions Monitoring Survey (LCMS), the article finds that while the rise in prices of some food commodities has a negative effect on children’s health outcomes, others have a positive effect. Specifically, the estimated results show that child height for age z-scores are negatively affected by an increase in cereal prices and other commodities such as chicken, beans and eggs, which are rich in proteins and energy. The article suggests that the positive health outcomes associated with the rise in prices of commodities such as beef in urban areas may be as a result of substitution to other products such as chicken, which has comparatively higher values for some nutrients.

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Chibuye, Miniva


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