The implications of climate change for health in Africa

Published on 6 December 2010

Climate change affect human health directly as the changing weather patterns encourage the production of disease vectors and parasites such as those causing malaria. Indirect changes will result through impacts on water availability, air quality, food quality and quantity, ecosystems, agriculture and economies -all factors that affect people’s health.

This issue of Joto Afrika looks at the impllications of climate change for health in Africa, and more specifcially at:

  • Climate change shifts Africa’s malaria map
  • Disease modelling in East Africa
  • The effects of urban floods on children in Illorin, Nigeria
  • Child wellbeing in Botswana’s Okavango Delta
  • A zoonoses perspective
  • HIV postive farmers reap health benefits in Kenya’s arid north

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Chimbari, M.J., Sulaiman, S.M., Githeko, A.K., Raheem, U.A., Ngwenya, B. and Mukaratirwa, S.
Joto Afrika, issue 5


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