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IDS Bulletin Vol. 42 Nos. 1

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Gender Agenda: Reformed or Reframed?

Published on 1 January 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has been hailed as an example of a reformist Islamist movement whose role is key to the democratisation process in Egypt. This article examines the extent to which first, the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda has been reformed, and second, the extent to which it recognises women’s full and equal citizenship and third, the interface between agency and ideology.

The multiple standpoints on gender matters existing within the movement is more than a manifestation of heterogeneity; its political function is to enable the movement to adopt different faces (framings) for multiple audiences.

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This article comes from the IDS Bulletin 42.1 (2011) The Muslim Brotherhood’s Gender Agenda: Reformed or Reframed?

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Tadros, M. (2011) The Muslim Brotherhood's Gender Agenda: Reformed or Reframed?. IDS Bulletin 42(1): 88-98

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