IDS Bulletin Vol. 30 Nos. 4

The Politically Engaged Society, the State, Policy, Comparison

Published on 1 October 1999

Summaries Gordon White’s contributions to the study of China fall under at least four major rubrics. Most important was his analysis of political engagement by a breathtaking range of social classes and groups in both the Maoist and Dengist periods. Second, he appreciated the role of the state analytically in shaping society’s political engagement, and normatively because he thought it had essential social and economic responsibilities. Third, he hoped to influence policy indirectly, by providing cautionaries for policy?makers and by writing for and collaborating with social scientists in other countries, especially China. Fourth, he placed China squarely in comparative contexts, first of revolutionary socialist states, and then of East Asian developmental states.

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Blecher, M. (1999) The Politically Engaged Society, the State, Policy, Comparison . IDS Bulletin 30(4): 1-9

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