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IDS Bulletin 1.1

Towards a General Preference System

Published on 1 January 1968

The resolution of UNCTAD I (Final Act Annex A: 111:5) and UNCTAD II (UNCTAD Document No. TD/II/RES/21) on the subject of preferences are substantially the same. The resolution passed in New Delhi does not, however, reflect the substantial progress which has been made on the subject since 1964.

The four years between the conferences have seen feverish activity in various intergovernmental centres attempting to clarify complex issues involved and to reconcile the conflicting positions of the various countries and groups. At first little progress was made. The turning point came in a speech made by Presideht Johnsón to a meeting of Heads of American States at Punta del Este early in 1967.

In this speech President Johnson said “we think this idea (preferences) is worth pursuing. We will be discussing it further with a member of Congress, with business and labour leaders, and we will seek the cooperation of other governments in the world trading community to see whether a broad consensus can be reached.”

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IDS Bulletin 1.1


David Wall

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IDS Bulletin, volume 1, issue 1


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