Wilton Park; WP1504

Tracking Development Progress and Evaluating Development Partnerships in the Post-2015 Era

Published on 1 January 2017

Wilton Park convened this meeting to shine light on the post-2015 journey towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the role that evaluation should play in tracking progress towards them. This event brought together decision makers, scholars and evaluators from around the world. It discussed policy and evaluation challenges posed by the aspirational nature ofthe SDGs formally endorsed by 193 heads of states in September 2015. While much depends on monitoring progress of the 17 goals and 169 targets through no less than 230 indicators, evaluation potentially needs to provide understanding of what works, how, for whom, under which circumstances, to achieve progress. This Wilton Park meeting sought to address someof the key challenges affecting partnerships and evaluation of the SDGs, including policy priorities, the need for new approaches, tools and methods, support for country-level evaluations and follow-up.


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