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IDS Bulletin 37.3

Urbanisation, Sustainable Growth and Poverty Reduction in Asia

Published on 1 July 2006

Almost 3 billion people live in urban areas across the world – equivalent to 48 per cent of the world’s total population. Asia accounts for almost half of these, with an urban population of between 1.3 and 1.5 billion people, accounting for approximately 37 per cent of Asia’s total population (UN-Habitat 2003a; ACHR 2005).

These statistics for Asia are perhaps conservative, as different countries define ‘urban centres’ differently, based upon both population size and other criteria. If either India or China were to redefine their criteria to include some smaller settlements as ‘urban’, then an even greater proportion of Asia’s population would be considered ‘urban’ (Satterthwaite 2005).

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IDS Bulletin 37.3

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Malcolm Jack

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Jack, Malcolm
IDS Bulletin, volume 37, issue 3


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