CREID Intersections Series; Violence and Discrimination Against Women

Violence and Discrimination Against Women of Religious Minority Backgrounds in Iraq

Published on 6 December 2022

This volume is part of the Intersections series which explores how the intertwining of gender, religious marginality, socioeconomic exclusion and other factors shape the realities of women and men in contexts where religious inequalities are acute, and freedom of religion or belief is compromised.

This volume looks at these intersections in the context of Iraq. Its aim is to amplify the voices of women (and men) whose experiences of religious otherisation have accentuated the impact of the intersections of gender, class, geography and ethnicity.

At time of publication, in December 2022, the country is going through a particularly turbulent phase, prompting some to wonder why now? Isn’t it bad timing to focus on the experiences of minorities, let alone inter- and intra-gender dynamics? Iraq is caught in the middle of geo-strategic struggles of tectonic proportions but this is all the more reason to understand the dynamics of micro-politics through a gender-sensitive lens. Doing so sheds light on the interface between global, regional and local power struggles in tangible and concrete ways.


Women of Religious Minority Background in Iraq: Redressing Injustices, Past and Present
Mariz Tadros, Sofya Shahab and Amy Quinn-Graham

Challenges Faced by Yazidi Women as a Result of Displacement
Turkiya Shammo, Diana Amin Saleh and Nassima Khalaf

Problems and Challenges Facing Shabak Women and its Impact on their Daily Lives
Syria Mahmoud Ahmad Al-Qaddo

Sabean-Mandaean Women and Religious and Ideological Conflict in Iraqi Society
Faiza Diab Sarhan

The Identity Struggle of the Kakai Minority in Iraq
Solaf Muhammed Amin Kakai

Discrimination and Conflict: Experiences of Yazidi Women and Men within their Community and Iraqi Society
Zeri Khairy Gedi

Violence and Discrimination against the Assyrian People in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Shivan Toma and Angela Odisho Zaya

The Lived Experiences of Marginalised Christian Chaldean Catholic and Orthodox Women and Their Families in Iraq
Yohanna Yousef and Nadia Butti

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Tadros, M.; Shahab, S. and Quinn-Graham, A. (2022) Women of Religious Minority Background in Iraq: Redressing Injustices, Past and Present, CREID Intersections, Coalition for Religious Equality and Inclusive Development, Brighton: Institute of Development Studies, DOI: 10.19088/CREID.2022.016


Mariz Tadros

Director (CREID)

Sofya Shahab

Research Fellow

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