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Vulnerability, Adaptation and Climate Disasters

Published on 1 October 2005

This IDS Bulletin aims to provide policy-relevant research insights for a wide range of actors interested in climate change adaptation. It brings together results from a recently completed interdisciplinary research project, the Linking Climate Adaptation Project, about how vulnerable communities might respond to the impacts of climate change.

The overall goal of the project was to ensure that poor people benefit from adaptation processes, rather than bearing greater burdens, by, for example, having the risks caused by climate change shifted in their direction. The purpose was to provide a better understanding of how adaptation policies and institutional frameworks can support communities that are vulnerable to climate impacts. We hope the results presented here will help the disaster relief, development and climate change communities link together to meet the shared challenges that lie ahead.

Table of contents

Introduction: Vulnerability, Adaptation an Climate Disasters: A Conceptual Overview (pdf)Farhana Yamin, Atiq Rahman and Saleemul Huq

Case Study 1: China Benefiting from Global Warming: Agricultural Production in Northeast China Erda Lin, Xiu Yang, Shiming Ma, Hui Ju, Liping Guo, Wei Xiong, Yue Li and Yinlong Xu

Case Study 2: India Community Adaptation to Drought in Rajasthan Kalipada Chatterjee, Anish Chatterjee and Sarmistha Das

Case Study 3: Bangladesh Floods in Bangladesh: A Shift from Disaster Management Towards Disaster PreparednessDwijendra Lal Mallick, Atiq Rahman, Mozaharul Alam, Abu Saleh Md Juel, Azra N. Ahmad and Sarder Shafiqul Alam

Case Study 4: Senegal Adaptation and Mitigation Through “Produced Environments”: The Case for Agriculture Intensification in SenegalMoussa Seck, Moussa Na Abou Mamouda and Salimata Wade

Case Study 5: Kenya Seed Fairs as a Drought Recovery Strategy in KenyaVictor A. Orindi and Andrew Ochieng

Case Study 6: Zimbabwe Climate Proofing Infrastructure and Diversifying Livelihoods in Zimbabwe Johannes Chigwada

Linking Climate Adaptation and Development: A Synthesis of Six Case Studies from Asia and AfricaSaleemul Huq, Farhana Yamin, Atiq Rahman, Anish Chatterjee, Xiu Yang, Salimata Wade, Victor Orindi and Johannes Chigwada

Developing the Linking Climate Adaptation Network: Progress and Prospects’ Farhana Yamin, Saleemul Huq and Atiq Rahman

Linking Climate Adaptation: A Research Agenda Farhana Yamin, Thomas Mitchell and Thomas Tanner

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Yamin, F. and Huq, S.
Farhana Yamin and Saleemul Huq
IDS Bulletin, volume 36, issue 4


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