Water for Food Security, Nutrition and Social Justice

Published on 19 September 2019

This book is the first comprehensive effort to bring together Water, Food Security and Nutrition (FSN) in a way that goes beyond the traditional focus on irrigated agriculture.

Apart from looking at the role of water and sanitation for human well-being, it proposes alternative and more locally appropriate ways to address complex water management and governance challenges from the local to global levels against a backdrop of growing uncertainties.

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L. Mehta, T. Oweis. C. Ringler, B. Schreiner and S. Varghese. 2020. Water for Food Security, Nutrition and Social Justice, Routledge: London

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Lyla Mehta

Professorial Fellow

Theib Oweis
Claudia Ringler
Barbara Schreiner
Shiney Varghese

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Inequalities and Poverty

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