IDS Policy Briefing;150

What Are the Implications of Ageing and Demographic Change in Rwanda?

Published on 1 February 2018

Having made rapid improvements in life expectancy and fertility as a result of significant investments in the health system and reductions in poverty, Rwanda faces the positive prospects of a ‘demographic dividend’. However, the projected growth in the number of older people over the next 30 years will present significant challenges.

Alongside this, other changes resulting from rapid urbanisation and a growth in employment opportunities will affect how the government will support an ageing population and a changing demographic, especially in the area of social protection. Evidence from in-depth research suggests that a non-contributory social pension is feasible and affordable both now and in the future. This would help to significantly reduce poverty amongst older people over the coming years.


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Rachel Sabates-Wheeler

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Sabates-Wheeler, R. and Wylde, E.
IDS Policy Briefing, issue 150


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