What the Public Say: Public Engagement in Decision-making

Published on 1 July 2010

The paper written by Involve on behalf of Sciencewise-ERC provides an evaluation of the experiences of citizens who have taken part in public dialogue processes, and puts forward a number of recommendations in response.

The paper considers what citizens have said about engagement with a particular focus on how engagement should be incorporated into governance structures. It draws on the evaluation of several Sciencewise-ERC supported and other policy related dialogue and engagement projects, highlighting keys views and insights from citizens and other stakeholders.

Amongst the nine recommendations made in the paper, the first draws attention to the importance of public engagement in critical, potentially controversial issues as a possible core part of delivering more openness and transparency.

Another recommendation made in this paper is to support a move to the Big Society by developing a culture and working practices that are open at all levels – engaging participants in important issues at national as well as local level.


Thea Shahrokh

Research Officer

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Sciencewise ERC
Shahrokh, T.


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