IDS Bulletin Vol. 43 Nos.

Who do ICDS and PDS Exclude and What Can be Done to Change This?

Published on 1 July 2012

This article looks at the specifics of who the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) and the Public Distribution System (PDS) exclude and what can be done to change this. It discusses three different types of exclusion: official exclusion, typically from committing too few resources; implementation flaws; and flawed policy. The article argues that persistence with a poverty cutoff simply perpetuates exclusion. However, the progressive impact of improved judiciability of exclusion due to implementation flaws while making a case for tightening the system cannot be overstated. The article suggests three ways forward: (1) make rights desirable to encourage people to make claims and make ICDS and PDS more universal; (2) ensure that potential innovations such as biometrics, coupons and cash transfers empower the poor, not just the bureaucrats; and (3) empower citizens to fix the ICDS and PDS which will in turn help fix the overall food system.

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Swain, B. and Kumaran, M. (2012) Who do ICDS and PDS Exclude and What Can be Done to Change This?. IDS Bulletin 43: 32-39

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