Why do gender equality and sustainability go hand in hand?

Published on 1 November 2015

This provocative collection gathers essays and interviews from the leading lights of the international environmental and feminist movements to mount a powerful case that gender equality is essential to environmental progress.

Up to now, women’s issues have been largely ignored by major environmental and conservation groups, but in Why Women Will Save The Planet contributors like Vandana Shiva, Caroline Lucas, and Maria Mies help us see the undeniable links between the two. Using specific case studies, the contributors lay out the ways in which women’s issues intersect with environmental issues, and they detail concrete steps that organizations and campaigners big and small can take to ensure that they are pursuing these goals in tandem. A rallying cry designed to unify–and thus strengthen–two crucial movements in the global fight for social justice, this book will spur action and, crucially, collaboration.


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Lyla Mehta

Professorial Fellow

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Mehta, L. and Leach, M.
Hawley, J.


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