IDS Bulletin Vol. 31 Nos. 2

Why Men?

Published on 1 April 2000

Summaries There is today a call for a broader view on gender relations and there are also some signs that men are becoming increasingly involved in the promotion of gender equality. An important principle of Sida’s policy for working to promote equality between women and men is the need for a gender approach, i.e. a focus on both women and men and the relationships between them rather than an exclusive focus on women. To what extent is this stated objective reflected in the attitudes and practices of Sida employees towards male participation in gender work? Although we believe that the threats and risks with having more men in GAD have to be taken into serious consideration, our findings suggest support among colleagues for our own belief that male participation is indeed positive for the strengthening of equal rights and opportunities. There seems to be a general belief that gender equality concerns everyone, men as well as women. Our respondents have stated that men must be participating actively if real changes in gender relations are to be brought about. Finally, it was our impression from our talks with Sida’s employees that Sida’s staff felt that the organisation’s work with promoting gender equality would be further reinforced by active male participation.

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Färnsveden, U. and Rönquist, A. (2000) Why Men? . IDS Bulletin 31(2): 79-85

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