Workers Matter: A Participatory Approach to Social Auditing

Published on 1 January 2005

Codes of labour practice to protect workers’ rights are well established in many leading sourcing and retail companies. But, who makes sure that the codes are properly implemented? Conventional social auditing of codes give a ‘snapshot’ view, but sensitive issues like discrimination often remain hidden.

Vulnerable workers, most at risk of poor labour conditions, are least likely to be involved in the auditing process. As this new video shows, participatory social auditing is a more sustainable approach, which aims to create a social dialogue between workers and management to raise awareness of workers’ rights and encourage code compliance. ‘Workers Matter: A Participatory Approach to Social Auditing’ provides tools to enable practitioners and policymakers to carry out participatory social auditing, using focus group discussion, observation, role play, mapping and ranking exercises. Available in PAL and NTSC version

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