Evidence into Policy and Practice

IDS has pioneered approaches to linking up the supply of inclusive research with the demand for evidence from governments, donors, international development agencies, and civil society. It has also helped shape the concept of the politics of knowledge and current understandings of the relationship between evidence, policy and practice being social, political and interactive.

We have significant experience of mobilising knowledge in response to urgent humanitarian crises, and also provide tailored development knowledge services to governments and donor agencies as well as centres of excellence for knowledge sharing and engagement.  Our research staff and knowledge specialists bring particular experience and expertise in the following areas:

Evidence into use –research design that integrates knowledge exchange and policy engagement mechanisms from the start.

Research communications – high quality accessible products designed for maximum engagement

Digitally-enabled knowledge exchange – making evidence more available and accessible with the thoughtful use of technology.

Monitoring, evaluation and learning – facilitated learning around research impact and the development of theories of change.

Capacity building and mutual learning – through research programmes and tailored training and strategy support for institutions and individuals working at the interface between research evidence and policy and practice.

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Upcoming Event

Art, environnement et activisme en Afrique

How can the arts be used in environmental communication and dialogue? We present experiences using arts-led deliberation from across Africa. Citizens, researchers, activists, policy actors, artists and others are welcome. Activists and policy actors in East and West Africa work to tackle...

8 December 2022

Upcoming Event

Sussex Development Lectures

Crisis, development and ecologies of the new commons

In response to acute crises and complex, long-term systemic challenges, structural violence, austerity and neglect, people around the world are coming together in commons. Communities of ‘commoners’ are reconfiguring relationships between society, technology and the non-human environment,...

7 December 2022


Religion, agriculture and market dynamics in Zimbabwe

The last blog offered a brief overview of different churches across our study sites. This second blog in this series focuses on their role in agriculture and markets, and more broadly rural livelihoods. Given their different histories, forms of organisation, finance and religious beliefs...

28 November 2022


Enhancing biodiversity through livestock keeping

Touted as a ‘make or break’ conference, the United Nations’ COP15 Biodiversity Conference next month aims to agree on ways to halt and reverse catastrophic nature loss. Following the failure to meet the Aichi targets, the conference will adopt a new Global Biodiversity Framework to stop...

28 November 2022

Upcoming Event

Changing narratives of humanitarian protection: An artistic journey

Join IDS for an exciting exhibition exploring diverse art work about humanitarian protection in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Art is seeing a powerful resurgence amongst researchers, activists and humanitarian practitioners. Interdisciplinary projects are using photography, theatre,...

28 November 2022


IDS in Solidarity with 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

Starting 25 November, activists around the world will be marking 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence - an annual international campaign to raise awareness of the issue of gender-based violence (GBV) and to call for the prevention and elimination of violence against women and...

24 November 2022