Evidence into Policy and Practice

IDS has pioneered approaches to linking up the supply of inclusive research with the demand for evidence from governments, donors, international development agencies, and civil society. It has also helped shape the concept of the politics of knowledge and current understandings of the relationship between evidence, policy and practice being social, political and interactive.

We have significant experience of mobilising knowledge in response to urgent humanitarian crises, and also provide tailored development knowledge services to governments and donor agencies as well as centres of excellence for knowledge sharing and engagement.  Our research staff and knowledge specialists bring particular experience and expertise in the following areas:

Evidence into use –research design that integrates knowledge exchange and policy engagement mechanisms from the start.

Research communications – high quality accessible products designed for maximum engagement

Digitally-enabled knowledge exchange – making evidence more available and accessible with the thoughtful use of technology.

Monitoring, evaluation and learning – facilitated learning around research impact and the development of theories of change.

Capacity building and mutual learning – through research programmes and tailored training and strategy support for institutions and individuals working at the interface between research evidence and policy and practice.

Programmes and centres


Recent work

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Journal Article

Routes to Adulthood:

IDS Bulletin Vol. 34 Nos. 1

In the course of 2001, the South African Broadcast Corporation, South Africa’s public broadcaster, screened the second part of a television series aimed at the youth market called Yizo, Yizo. As with its first iteration, the series was a runaway success among young black people. Older people,...

Crain Soudien

1 January 2003


Analysing Policy for Sustainable Livelihoods

This report argues that it is possible to use the Sustainable Livelihoods (SL) approach as a starting point for bridging the gap between bottom-up livelihoods analysis and top-down policy analysis.

1 January 2000


Assessment of the IDB Lending Programme, 1979-92

Commissioned by the Strategic Planning Office of the Inter-American Development Bank, this report provides an assessment of the IDB's lending programme for the period 1979-92. It offers policy recommendations on how to improve future lending activities and addresses issues concerning the role of...

1 January 1994